20 June 2020

PF: Dangerously Lucky

The thing I love about used books are the hidden artifacts of owners past.

Today Cigdem and I found a four-leaf clover, Lord knows we could use a little luck.

Returning home I went to find a book to press it into.
One of my last unpacked books is a Book Club Edition of 'Dangerous Visions', sans dust wrapper.

A book I saved from the final cull of the NG office and one I thought would make for a good reader on our journey beyond the pale.

I flipped randomly to a page and lo!

On page 179 someone had beat me to the punch.

A lucky book indeed.


14 June 2020

PF: Second Breakfast

A return to storage and a completed second move of NG stock in as many months.
2 down at least 2 to go...profits, blown.

The search for a place to land continues...

01 June 2020

PF: Have Hand Truck, Will Travel

Porter / Book Monkey
Available throughout the known book universe, on call.

Safe, secure handling/packing/moving of books and book accessories.
 - Pack master.
 - 'Somewhere on the spectrum' organizer/sorter.
 - Reliable and trustworthy (Eagle Scout).
 - Strong back and work ethic (Wiry mid-westerner).
 - Fair to acceptable company on the road (Army, Infantry).
 - I travel to you.
 - I work until you say the work is done.

Daily and weekly rates available, let's talk.
Tips excepted, trade secrets expected.

You provide:
Return trip expenses, gas or ticket (Greyhound, just fine).
A place to crash (Flat, dry ground to camp on, just fine.

Serious inquiries only!