About Proxima Fortuna

Me: An introverted kid more happy at home on a Friday night with his collections than in pursuit of adult activities.

Neutral Good Books: Sci-Fi Fantasy Codex & Dead Format Media



Currently Reading:
Pretty straight forward stuff here, things that I'm reading along the way.

No reviews, overviews, critiques, summations or any of that sort of thing here. There are far too many people in this world who do a far superior job of that then I ever could.


A general collection of personal observations and thoughts...good luck with that.

Similar to the videos I was making for You Tube
called 'Monthly Picks'.
These are posts of things I've picked up with the intent to sell online.
Includes observations and remarks about stuff and nonsense as well.

Song of Inspiration:
Songs that keep me motivated in some fashion.
I return to these a lot when I need a shot of inspiration to keep moving forward.