30 December 2021

Knock, Knock...


Meanwhile, back in 1979...

Playing at the World: Gary Gygax on "Tomorrow" with Tom Snyder

Gygax: [00:03:13]
OK, now, let's - I'll pick it up as if you were actually in a dungeon, and I'll relay to you, because I have to be your eyes and ears and everything, and you're going to tell me what kind of information you need. So we'll assume that you are in a four-way passageway underground and you can choose any direction you want to go. Ten foot wide stone corridors deep beneath the earth. Now, you have a choice of any of the four directions, you tell me where you go to.

Snyder: [00:03:38]
OK, let's go to the left.

Gygax: [00:03:39]

OK, you go to the left and we'll say you were going north, so you're going to head off to the west.

Snyder: [00:03:43]

Gygax: [00:03:44]
OK, you go west and I tell you how many feet, you've gone a hundred feet west - and suddenly there's a huge bronze door before you, with a big doorknocker on it, a big ring that obviously opens the door and serves as a knocker also. Do you want to turn around and go back the other way? Open the door? Knock first? What would you like to do?

Snyder: [00:04:04]
I think I'll knock first.

Gygax: [00:04:05]
OK. Now, without having all of this written down, of course, there could be, the - perhaps the knocker will trigger a stone block that drops on your head.



This morning in Angband...


Dain the Ranger finds himself at a 4-way intersection on lvl 6.


He moves west down the corridor.


He is confronted by a large sturdy door.


He opens it.