08 March 2021

Angband: On the Doorstep pt. 3

'Well, you are the burglar.
Go down and...burgle something.'



 Having screwed up enough courage to make an attempt at snatching a bauble from Smaug,
Embor moves off into the empty room to the east of the ascending staircase '<' and puts the quest into motion.


'Stand by the grey stone when the thrush knocks,
and the setting sun with the last light of Durin’s Day
will shine upon the key-hole.'
(No, no, none of that here.
Hidden keyhole and secret entrance be damned...we'll do it ourselves!)
Embor turns again to Druidic powers found within the
'Book of Nature Magics [Gifts of Nature]',
'Turn Stone to Mud'

The spell makes short work of the granite and quartz veins that lay between rooms, hallways and chambers within the dungeon.
A tunnel begins to take shape.

And, in a few quick turns Embor is secretly in place for ingress into the foul chamber.

 Before removing the last bit of granite and entering the main chamber Embor again casts 'Detect Life'.

Other than the newly revealed group of creatures to the north, of which Embor hopes to avoid altogether:

 11 Forest Trolls 'T'
9 Wolves 'C'
1 4-Headed Hydra 'M'
3 Eastern Dwarves 'h'
1 Dark Dwarven Lord 'h'
1 Blacklock Mage 'h'
1 Ironfist Priest 'h'
1 Stonefoot Warrior 'h'
1 Rot Jelly 'j'
1 Black Naga 'n'
1 Tengu 'u'
1 Blood Falcon 'B'
1 Giant Red Scorpion 'S'
1 Giant Red Frog 'R'

 there appears to be 1 new entity in the east wing, a Werewolf 'C'.



Before I crack into it, let's take a quick look at what's inside the chamber.

Main Chamber

A Rogue 'p' in the main chamber area.

West Wing

Six Wolves 'C' occupy the west wing, easy to alert but more nuisance than problem.
 South Wing

1 Giant Clear Centipede 'c', though invisible, no issue.

East Wing

1 Blackguard 'p'
1 Soldier Ant 'a'
1 Werewolf 'C'
The Werewolf is a bit of a fight but, no real problems here.


Smaug 'D'...'nuff said.

Sorcerer 'p'...Bad magics, 18 levels out of its normal range.
Young Gold Dragon 'd'...because one dragon isn't enough, imho.
I imagine there's some weird arcane shenanigans going on in this chamber, but I really don't feel the need to investigate it.
My intention is to avoid this area at all costs and not wake the occupants.
Best to let a sleeping Smaug lie.


North Wing

The prize...?
The anti-climactic conclusion next time on:

Godspeed little druid.