11 December 2020

Currently Reading: Starship


Another atrocious cover...


I prefer the original UK title 'Non-Stop' to the American version shown here. Though both appropriate, 'Non-Stop' has a better feel in regards to a generational starship...imho.

This is my first venture into this sub-genre but one I've been interested in for some time. I'm fascinated by a journey that would take generations to complete. Complications, naturally, would arise between beginning and end of that journey.

There is a solid history to this sub-genre and I've decided to start the exploration here with Aldiss, and why not?
Just prior to leaving Colorado I had read this entry in
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Science Fiction by John Clute and was intrigued.

'Brian Aldiss has been likened to his friend and colleague J. G. Ballard more often than either could probably care to recall. But Ballard writes dense, monomaniac books, attacking the same themes again and again, and his work cuts deep and narrow, while Aldiss has an exuberant, gregarious, far-seeking imagination, rarely repeats himself, and writes a great deal. He is harder, therefore, to pin down. In the end, however, he is almost certainly a more significant figure than his dark twin.'

 I thought I had a copy of Starship in the boxes of Neutral Good books but I was mistaken. Fortunately I found a copy in Fargo last week and now I'm aboard 'Ship' and moving through 'ponics towards 'Forwards'.