14 August 2020

Rangings: 1 UPDATE

 I found a vcr in storage here at the lake, I knew we had one but wasn't sure if it had been tossed...apparently not. Still has the remote, a rarity when finding one in a thrift.

I popped in the Super Avilyn that I talked about in Rangings_1.

A quick Fast Forward to the first commercial break proved to be what I had expected, the person recording it had indeed stopped the recording when the commercials began. Very disappointing.

I FF again to the next break and the same thing there, edited on the fly, no commercials.

I FF again with the intent to go through the entire movie and onto the next recorded show hoping that maybe it might be a different story there. As the third commercial break began I was delighted to see that the recorder got lazy and decided not to pause the tape, 1985 commercials begin spewing from the tv! The same held true for the entirety of the tape.

The shows were recorded November and December 1985, easy enough to track down the dates as there were local store sale events for the holidays and their ending dates.

Recorded from WGN in Chicago, a station I very much remember watching growing up. It may have been on WGN that I watched The Twilight Zone, Kolchak the Nightstalker and SCTV, three shows that to this day I still love.

Good clean recording on a nice tape.


So what's the end goal to all this?...hmmm, we shall see.