20 July 2020

PF: MN Ren

My first Ren Fest was Minnesota...1982!
I was, enthralled.

Second trip,1986.
I bought a royal blue or cobalt blue goblet that 
At some point in my life, in a mad fit of purging I got rid of it.
I regret that now.

Since 2008 and every year after, minus 2020 
(canceled due to Covid concerns) my friend 
and I have been attending the CO Ren Fest.
Nothing much really changes but we go 
regardless, just to take it all in.
We never tire of it.

Now, back in MN where my fascination with the fest  

began I managed to score from a local thrift/antique 
place this 1987 MN Ren Fest mug!

Best Ren Fest Emblem!

Though not an 86' and certainly not blue it's still a great artifact from a different era.