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Through Plaguelands to Lake Country

Two hot and muggy days of ranging through the 
Plaguelands and we have returned to Lake Country, my 
ancestral home.

Roughing it?

The truck held together as did the weather with 
only a brief spot of rain towards the end.

We are here for an undetermined amount of time to 
catch our breaths, rest, regroup and begin the 
process of finding a new home.

Though it feels like we're on vacation the thought
that there really is nothing to return to after the
vacation ends creeps does the anxiety and 
The first night here was significantly depressing.

We've brought a small amount of belongings with us; 
mostly clothes, some food stuffs like olive oils, 
spices and the like (a small reminder of home) and 
a meager selection of books, electronics and 
personal items all of which needed to fit in the 
truck cab or the bed.

The Ranger has become our 'home' and though I have 
maintained it well throughout its 15 years and 
170k miles I am at times, concerned.
I've owned…

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