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The pick goes ever, ever on...

Not bad for rural MN, better than some picks I've had in Denver.


The Doctor Who Programme Guide Vol. 1&2 Target Books, 1984 (reprint) Not a bad little reference set, may hang on to these for myself. Picker's prerogative.

The Invisible Man (Dell Map Back)
Dell Books

My first map back found in the wild, I was thrilled until...
I turned it over and the saw the damage on the back cover.
Looks suspiciously like someone successfully removed a sticker at the expense of the book. Good job everybody.
I took it anyway.


ST:TNG / X-Men: Planet X Pocket Books, 1998 I've always been curious about this one, though I doubt I'll invest the time in reading it.  Also, why Riker? Wouldn't it make more sense for Picard to be juxtaposed with Xavier?  Two bald guys...Just a moment, just a moment...
*internal dialog in my head Me: 'Patrick Stewart played Xavier in the X-Men movies.' Me: 'What year was this book printed?' Me: '1998.' Me: '…

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